Dr. Rasmus Jakobsmeyer

Autonomic Nervous Sytem and Sports & Exercise
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Latest Publications

Effect of playing position and time on-court on activity profiles in german elite team handball

D. Büchel, R. Jakobsmeyer, M. Döring, M. Adams, U. Rückert, J. Baumeister, International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport (2019) 832–844.

Exercise-Induced Changes of Multimodal Interactions Within the Autonomic Nervous Network.

S. Vieluf, T. Hasija, R. Jakobsmeyer, P. Schreier, C. Reinsberger, Front Physiol 10 (2019) 240.

Running performance analysis in basketball using recorded trajectory data

R. Jakobsmeyer, R. Schnittker, R. Zorn, U. Rückert, J. Baumeister, in: D. Peters, P. O’Donoghue (Eds.), Performance Analysis of Sport IX, 2013.

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  • Study Project "Sports Medicine": Project Introduction
  • Spielformen II- Handball