Jun. Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Steinrück

Technical Chemestry - Research Group Streinrück

Office Address:
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Molecular-scale synchrotron X-ray investigations of solid-liquid interfaces in lithium-ion batteries
C. Cao, H.-G. Steinrück, in: Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering, Elsevier, 2024, pp. 391–416.
Characterizing Ion Transport in Electrolytes via Concentration and Velocity Profiles
A. Mistry, V. Srinivasan, H.-G. Steinrück, Advanced Energy Materials 13 (2023) 2203690.
Creating water-in-salt-like environment using coordinating anions in non-concentrated aqueous electrolytes for efficient Zn batteries
D. Gomez Vazquez, T.P. Pollard, J. Mars, J.M. Yoo, H.-G. Steinrück, S.E. Bone, O.V. Safonova, M.F. Toney, O. Borodin, M.R. Lukatskaya, Energy & Environmental Science 16 (2023) 1982-1991 (2023).
The nature of dynamic local order in CH3NH3PbI3 and CH3NH3PbBr3
N.J. Weadock, T.C. Sterling, J.A. Vigil, A. Gold-Parker, I.C. Smith, B. Ahammed, M.J. Krogstad, F. Ye, D. Voneshen, P.M. Gehring, A.M. Rappe, H.-G. Steinrück, E. Ertekin, H.I. Karunadasa, D. Reznik, M.F. Toney, Joule 7 (2023) 1051–1066.
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Reveals Mechanisms of Calcium and Silicon Fouling on Reverse Osmosis Membranes Used in Wastewater Reclamation
V.A. Niemann, M. Huck, H.-G. Steinrück, M.F. Toney, W.A. Tarpeh, S.E. Bone, ACS ES&T Water 3 (2023) 2627–2637.
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