Dr.-Ing. Eugen Wiens

Academic Councillor for a Limited Period

Chief Engineer - Academic Councillor for a Limited Period
Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 285
Member - Academic Councillor for a Limited Period
Teilprojekt C03


Latest Publications

Influence of thermo-mechanical joining process on the microstructure of a hypoeutectic aluminium cast alloy
T. Borgert, M. Neuser, E. Wiens, O. Grydin, W. Homberg, M. Schaper, in: Materials Research Proceedings, Materials Research Forum LLC, 2023, pp. 187–194.
Innendrückwalzen – Ein innovatives Umformverfahren zur inkrementellen Formgebung von wanddickenkonturierten Rohren mit lokal einstellbaren mechanischen Eigenschaften
E. Wiens, Innendrückwalzen – Ein Innovatives Umformverfahren Zur Inkrementellen Formgebung von Wanddickenkonturierten Rohren Mit Lokal Einstellbaren Mechanischen Eigenschaften, Shaker, Düren, 2022.
Forming of Parts with Locally Defined Mechanical and Ferromagnetic Properties by Flow-Forming
E. Wiens, W. Homberg, B. Arian, K. Möhring, F. Walther, in: Forming the Future, Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2021.
Joining with versatile joining elements formed by friction spinning
C. Wischer, E. Wiens, W. Homberg, Journal of Advanced Joining Processes 3 (2021).
Development of a novel adaptive joining technology employing Friction-Spun Joint Connectors (FSJC)
E. Wiens, C. Wischer, W. Homberg, eds., Development of a Novel Adaptive Joining Technology Employing Friction-Spun Joint Connectors (FSJC), 2021.
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