Lennart Clausing, M.Sc.

Computer Engineering

Member - Research Associate

Office Address:
Pohlweg 51
33098 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Flexible Industrial Analytics on Reconfigurable Systems-On-Chip
A. Boschmann, L. Clausing, F. Jentzsch, H. Ghasemzadeh Mohammadi, M. Platzner, in: C.-J. Haake, F. Meyer auf der Heide, M. Platzner, H. Wachsmuth, H. Wehrheim (Eds.), On-The-Fly Computing -- Individualized IT-Services in Dynamic Markets, Heinz Nixdorf Institut, Universität Paderborn, Paderborn, 2023, pp. 225–236.
On Guaranteeing Schedulability of Periodic Real-time Hardware Tasks under ReconOS64
L. Clausing, Z. Guetattfi, P. Kaufmann, C. Lienen, M. Platzner, in: Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Applied Reconfigurable Computing (ARC), 2023.
ReconOS64: A Hardware Operating System for Modern Platform FPGAs with 64-Bit Support
L. Clausing, M. Platzner, in: 2022 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW), IEEE, 2022, pp. 120–127.
ReconOS64: High-Performance Embedded Computing for Industrial Analytics on a Reconfigurable System-on-Chip
L. Clausing, in: Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Highly Efficient Accelerators and Reconfigurable Technologies, ACM, 2021.
Development of a Hardware / Software Codesign for sonification of LIDAR-based sensor data
L. Clausing, Development of a Hardware / Software Codesign for Sonification of LIDAR-Based Sensor Data, Ruhr-University Bochum, 2018.
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