Emine Fulya Akbulut Irmak

Research Associate
Research assistant at the chair of Automotive Lightweight Design
Team Simulation and Method Development
Office Address:
Mersinweg 7
33100 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Case Study III: Challenges of lightweight design, vehicles, and rescuers

E.F. Akbulut Irmak, H. Hanses, I. Horwath, T. Tröster, in: Climate Protection, Resource Efficiency, and Sustainable Engineering, transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, Germany, 2023.

Testing and modeling blast loading of a sandwich structure cored with a bio-inspired (balanus) core

F. Tuzgel, E.F. Akbulut Irmak, E. Guzel, A. Yucesoy, S. Sahin, A. Tasdemirci, M. Guden, Thin-Walled Structures 175 (2022).

Wood-based materials as a sustainable alternative for future car body construction

S. Schweizer, E.F. Akbulut Irmak, T. Tröster, in: Automotive Circle, 2020.

Fracture prediction of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg materials

E.F. Akbulut Irmak, T. Tröster, Procedia Structural Integrity (2019) 190–197.

Modeling the Energy Absorption Characteristics of Wood Crash Elements

E.F. Akbulut Irmak, J. Hanses, S. Schweizer, T. Tröster, in: 2019.

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