Dominik Wiechel

Produktentstehung / Heinz Nixdorf Institut

Research Associate

Office Address:
Fürstenallee 11
33102 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Tailored metrics for assessing the quality of MBSE models

I. Gräßler, D. Wiechel, D. Özcan, P. Taplick, in: Proceedings of the Design Society, Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2024, pp. 2545–2554.

Methodology for Certification-Compliant Effect-Chain Modeling

I. Gräßler, D. Wiechel, A.-S. Koch, T. Sturm, T. Markfelder, Systems 11 (2023).

Customized impact analyses for technical engineering changes

I. Gräßler, D. Wiechel, in: 2023 18th Annual System of Systems Engineering Conference (SoSe), IEEE, 2023.

Extended RFLP for complex technical systems

I. Gräßler, D. Wiechel, C. Oleff, in: Wien, 2022.

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