Timm Fichtler, M.Sc.

Advanced Systems Engineering / Heinz Nixdorf Institut

Research Associate

Team Lead Business Engineering | Data-Driven Product Management

Office Address:
Fürstenallee 11
33102 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Exploring Capabilities for the Smart Service Transformation in Manufacturing: Insights from Theory and Practice

C. Koldewey, T. Fichtler, M. Scholtysik, J. Biehler, N. Schreiner, F. Sommer, M. Schacht, J. Kaufmann, M. Rabe, J. Sedlmeier, R. Dumitrescu, in: 2024.

Data-Driven Product Management: A Practitioner-Driven Research Agenda

K. Grigoryan, T. Fichtler, N. Schreiner, M. Rabe, M. Panzner, A. Kühn, R. Dumitrescu, C. Koldewey, in: Procedia CIRP 33, 2023.

Interview Study on Strategy Options for Platform Operation in B2B Markets

L. Özcan, T. Fichtler, B. Kasten, C. Koldewey, R. Dumitrescu, in: 2023.

Towards a Data-Driven Product Management – Concepts, Advantages, and Future Research

T. Fichtler, K. Grigoryan, C. Koldewey, R. Dumitrescu, in: 2023 IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (ICTMOD), IEEE, 2023.

acatech Maturity Index Smart Services

R. Dumitrescu, F. Riemensperger, G. Schuh, J. Biehler, A. Frey, C. Hocken, C. Koldewey, A. Kühn, M. Rabe, M. Schacht, S. Comans, T. Fichtler, A. Govioni, T. Harland, J. Kaufmann, F. Optehostert, M. Rieger, M. Scholtysik, N. Schreiner, J. Sedlmeir, F. Sommer, Acatech Maturity Index Smart Services, 2023.

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