Prof. Dr. Stefan Böttcher

Databases and Electronic Commerce

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Latest Publications

QSGG: query simulation in grammar-compressed graphs

S. Böttcher, R. Hartel, S. Peeters, in: Proceedings of The International Workshop on Semantic Big Data, 2020.

Pattern Search in Grammar-Compressed Graphs

S. Böttcher, R. Hartel, S. Peeters, in: 2020 Data Compression Conference (DCC) (Poster), 2020.

RECUT: RE-Compressing partially Unordered Trees

S. Böttcher, R. Hartel, in: 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), 2018, pp. 3996–4005.

A column-oriented text database API implemented on top of wavelet tries

S. Böttcher, R. Hartel, J. Manuel, in: DBKDA 2017, 2017.

S2CX: From relational data via SQL/XML to (Un-)Compressed XML

S. Böttcher, R. Hartel, D. Wolters, Information Systems 56 (2016) 198–213.

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Current Courses

  • Proseminar: Generative KI
  • Projektgruppe: Entwicklung von Stundenplan-Software zur Vorlesungsplanung (in English)
  • Logic Programming for Artificial Intelligence (in English)