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Dr. Xuekai Ma

Dr. Xuekai Ma

Theoretical Nonlinear Photonics

Head - Research Associate

Theory of Functional Photonic Structures

Section Owner - Research Associate

+49 5251 60-3464
+49 5251 60-3435
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

Open list in Research Information System


Realization of Exciton‐Mediated Optical Spin‐Orbit Interaction in Organic Microcrystalline Resonators

J. Ren, Q. Liao, X. Ma, S. Schumacher, J. Yao, H. Fu, Laser & Photonics Reviews (2022), 16(1), 2100252


Controlling exciton distribution in WS2 monolayer on a photonic crystal

X. Zhang, Z. Chen, D. Liu, L. Wan, X. Ma, T. Gao, Applied Physics Express (2022), 15(2), 022004


Switching Off a Microcavity Polariton Condensate near the Exceptional Point

Y. Li, X. Ma, Z. Hatzopoulos, P.G. Savvidis, S. Schumacher, T. Gao, ACS Photonics (2022), 9(6), pp. 2079-2086


Dynamics of phase defects trapped in optically imprinted orbits in dissipative binary polariton condensates

J. Wingenbach, M. Pukrop, S. Schumacher, X. Ma, Physical Review B (2022), 105(24), 245302


Unidirectional vortex waveguides and multistable vortex pairs in polariton condensates

X. Gao, W. Hu, S. Schumacher, X. Ma, Optics Letters (2022), 47(13), pp. 3235-3238


Manipulating polariton condensates by Rashba-Dresselhaus coupling at room temperature

Y. Li, X. Ma, X. Zhai, M. Gao, H. Dai, S. Schumacher, T. Gao, Nature Communications (2022), 13(1), 3785


Helical Polariton Lasing from Topological Valleys in an Organic Crystalline Microcavity

T. Long, X. Ma, J. Ren, F. Li, Q. Liao, S. Schumacher, G. Malpuech, D. Solnyshkov, H. Fu, Advanced Science (2022), 2203588



Structuring coflowing and counterflowing currents of polariton condensates in concentric ring-shaped and elliptical potentials

F. Barkhausen, M. Pukrop, S. Schumacher, X. Ma, Physical Review B (2021), 103(7), 075305


Split-ring polariton condensates as macroscopic two-level quantum systems

Y. Xue, I. Chestnov, E. Sedov, E. Kiktenko, A.K. Fedorov, S. Schumacher, X. Ma, A. Kavokin, Physical Review Research (2021), 3(1), 013099



Spin splitting in a MoS2 monolayer induced by exciton interaction

Y. Li, G. Li, X. Zhai, S. Xiong, H. Liu, X. Wang, H. Chen, Y. Gao, X. Zhang, T. Liu, Y. Ren, X. Ma, H. Fu, T. Gao, Physical Review B (2020), 101(24), 245439


Formation dynamics of exciton-polariton vortices created by nonresonant annular pumping

B. Berger, D. Schmidt, X. Ma, S. Schumacher, C. Schneider, S. Höfling, M. Assmann, Physical Review B (2020), 101(24), pp. 245309


Multistable circular currents of polariton condensates trapped in ring potentials.

F. Barkhausen, S. Schumacher, X. Ma, Optics Letters (2020), 45(5), pp. 1192-1195

Spiraling vortices in exciton-polariton condensates

X. Ma, Y.V. Kartashov, T. Gao, L. Torner, S. Schumacher, Physical Review B (2020), 102(4), pp. 045309


Chiral condensates in a polariton hexagonal ring.

X. Ma, Y. Kartashov, A. Kavokin, S. Schumacher, Optics Letters (2020), 45(20), pp. 5700-5703

Efficient Bosonic Condensation of Exciton Polaritons in an H-Aggregate Organic Single-Crystal Microcavity.

J. Ren, Q. Liao, H. Huang, Y. Li, T. Gao, X. Ma, S. Schumacher, J. Yao, S. Bai, H. Fu, Nano Letters (2020), 20(10), pp. 7550-7557

Realization of all-optical vortex switching in exciton-polariton condensates.

X. Ma, B. Berger, M. Aßmann, R. Driben, T. Meier, C. Schneider, S. Höfling, S. Schumacher, Nature Communications (2020), 11(1), pp. 897

Topological edge states of nonequilibrium polaritons in hollow honeycomb arrays.

X. Ma, Y. Kartashov, A. Ferrando, S. Schumacher, Optics Letters (2020), 45(19), pp. 5311-5314

Circular polarization reversal of half-vortex cores in polariton condensates

M. Pukrop, S. Schumacher, X. Ma, Physical Review B (2020), 101(20), pp. 205301



Bloch oscillations of multidimensional dark soliton wave packets and light bullets.

R. Driben, X. Ma, S. Schumacher, T. Meier, Optics Letters (2019), 44(6), pp. 1327-1330

Controllable high-speed polariton waves in a PT-symmetric lattice

X. Ma, Y.Y. Kartashov, T. Gao, S. Schumacher, New Journal of Physics (2019), 21, 123008



Vortex Multistability and Bessel Vortices in Polariton Condensates.

X. Ma, S. Schumacher, Physical Review Letters (2018), 121(22), 227404


Creation and Manipulation of Stable Dark Solitons and Vortices in Microcavity Polariton Condensates

X. Ma, O.A. Egorov, S. Schumacher, Physical Review Letters (2017), 118(15), 157401


Vortex-vortex control in exciton-polariton condensates

X. Ma, S. Schumacher, Physical Review B (2017), 95(23), 235301



Collective state transitions of exciton-polaritons loaded into a periodic potential

K. Winkler, O.A. Egorov, I.G. Savenko, X. Ma, E. Estrecho, T. Gao, S. Müller, M. Kamp, T.C.H. Liew, E.A. Ostrovskaya, S. Höfling, C. Schneider, Physical Review B (2016), 93(12), 121303


Talbot Effect for Exciton Polaritons

T. Gao, E. Estrecho, G. Li, O. Egorov, X. Ma, K. Winkler, M. Kamp, C. Schneider, S. Höfling, A. Truscott, E. Ostrovskaya, Physical Review Letters (2016), 117(9), 097403


Dynamics of exciton-polaritons in discrete lattices under incoherent localized pumping

A.V. Yulin, I.Y. Chestnov, X. Ma, S. Schumacher, U. Peschel, O.A. Egorov, Physical Review B (2016), 94(5), 054312


Incoherent control of topological charges in nonequilibrium polariton condensates

X. Ma, U. Peschel, O.A. Egorov, Physical Review B (2016), 93(3), 035315


Two-dimensional symbiotic solitons and vortices in binary condensates with attractive cross-species interaction

X. Ma, R. Driben, B.A. Malomed, T. Meier, S. Schumacher, Scientific Reports (2016), 6, 34847



Oscillatory dynamics of nonequilibrium dissipative exciton-polariton condensates in weak-contrast lattices

X. Ma, I.Y. Chestnov, M.V. Charukhchyan, A.P. Alodjants, O.A. Egorov, Physical Review B (2015), 91(21), 214301


Instability-induced formation and nonequilibrium dynamics of phase defects in polariton condensates

T.C.H. Liew, O.A. Egorov, M. Matuszewski, O. Kyriienko, X. Ma, E.A. Ostrovskaya, Physical Review B (2015), 91(8), 085413



Information processing with topologically protected vortex memories in exciton-polariton condensates

H. Sigurdsson, O.A. Egorov, X. Ma, I.A. Shelykh, T.C.H. Liew, Physical Review B (2014), 90(1), 014504


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