Dr. Joschka Kersting

Sonderforschungsbereich 901


Office Address:
Zukunftsmeile 2
33102 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Identifizierung quantifizierbarer Bewertungsinhalte und -kategorien mittels Text Mining
J. Kersting, Identifizierung quantifizierbarer Bewertungsinhalte und -kategorien mittels Text Mining, Universität der Bundeswehr München , Neubiberg, 2023.
Dialogue-based Requirement Compensation and Style-adjusted Data-to-text Generation
F.S. Bäumer, W.-F. Chen, M. Geierhos, J. Kersting, H. Wachsmuth, in: C.-J. Haake, F. Meyer auf der Heide, M. Platzner, H. Wachsmuth, H. Wehrheim (Eds.), On-The-Fly Computing -- Individualized IT-Services in Dynamic Markets, Heinz Nixdorf Institut, Universität Paderborn, Paderborn, 2023, pp. 65–84.
Towards Comparable Ratings: Quantifying Evaluative Phrases in Physician Reviews
J. Kersting, M. Geierhos, in: A. Cuzzocrea, O. Gusikhin, S. Hammoudi, C. Quix (Eds.), Data Management Technologies and Applications, Springer Nature Switzerland, Cham, 2023, pp. 45–65.
Chatbot-Enhanced Requirements Resolution for Automated Service Compositions
J. Kersting, M. Ahmed, M. Geierhos, in: C. Stephanidis, M. Antona, S. Ntoa (Eds.), HCI International 2022 Posters, Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2022, pp. 419--426.
Implicit Statements in Healthcare Reviews: A Challenge for Sentiment Analysis
J. Kersting, F.S. Bäumer, in: J. Kersting (Ed.), Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Pervasive Patterns and Applications (PATTERNS 2022): Special Track AI-DRSWA: Maturing Artificial Intelligence - Data Science for Real-World Applications, IARIA, Barcelona, Spain, 2022, pp. 5–9.
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