Dr. Gerhard Berth

Hybrid Quantum Photonic Devices

Academic Senior Councillor

Office Address:
Pohlweg 47-49
33098 Paderborn

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Latest Publications

Vibrational Properties of the Potassium Titanyl Phosphate Crystal Family
S. Neufeld, U. Gerstmann, L. Padberg, C. Eigner, G. Berth, C. Silberhorn, L.M. Eng, W.G. Schmidt, M. Rüsing, Crystals 13 (2023).
Non-Invasive Visualization of Ferroelectric Domain Structures on the Non-Polar y-Surface of KTiOPO4 via Raman Imaging
J. Brockmeier, P.W.M. Mackwitz, M. Rüsing, C. Eigner, L. Padberg, M. Santandrea, C. Silberhorn, A. Zrenner, G. Berth, Crystals (2021).
Nonlinear focal mapping of ferroelectric domain walls in LiNbO3: Analysis of the SHG microscopy contrast mechanism
K.J. Spychala, P. Mackwitz, M. Rüsing, A. Widhalm, G. Berth, C. Silberhorn, A. Zrenner, Journal of Applied Physics (2020).
Characterisation of width-dependent diffusion dynamics in rubidium-exchanged KTP waveguides
L. Padberg, M. Santandrea, M. Rüsing, J. Brockmeier, P. Mackwitz, G. Berth, A. Zrenner, C. Eigner, C. Silberhorn, Optics Express (2020).
Imaging of 180∘ ferroelectric domain walls in uniaxial ferroelectrics by confocal Raman spectroscopy: Unraveling the contrast mechanism
M. Rüsing, S. Neufeld, J. Brockmeier, C. Eigner, P. Mackwitz, K. Spychala, C. Silberhorn, W.G. Schmidt, G. Berth, A. Zrenner, S. Sanna, Physical Review Materials 2 (2018).
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