Shuang Wu

Research Associate

Research Associate
Team Materials and Processes
Member - Research Associate
Representative of Automotive Lightweight Design (LiA)
Office Address:
Mersinweg 7
33100 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Adhesion properties of the hybrid system made of laser-structured aluminium EN AW 6082 and CFRP by co-bonding-pressing process

S. Wu, A. Delp, J. Freund, F. Walther, J. Haubrich, M. Löbbecke, T. Tröster, The Journal of Adhesion (2023) 1–29.

Relationship between laser-generated micro- and nanostructures and the long-term stability of bonded epoxy-aluminum joints

J. Freund, M. Löbbecke, A. Delp, F. Walther, S. Wu, T. Tröster, J. Haubrich, The Journal of Adhesion (2023) 1–31.

Intrinsic forming of hybrid parts made of laser-structured aluminium sheet and CFRP-Prepreg

S. Wu, J. Freund, A. Delp, J. Haubrich, M. Löbbecke, F. Walther, T. Tröster, in: 2023.

Influence of laser-generated surface micro-structuring on the intrinsically bonded hybrid system CFRP-EN AW 6082-T6 on its corrosion properties

A. Delp, J. Freund, S. Wu, R. Scholz, M. Löbbecke, J. Haubrich, T. Tröster, F. Walther, Composite Structures 285 (2022).

Large-Scale Production of High-Performance Fiber-Metal-Laminates by Prepreg-Press-Technology

C. Lauter, C. Reuter, S. Wu, T. Tröster, International Journal of Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial, Mechatronic and Manufacturing Engineering 10 (2016) 875–880.

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