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Detection and Characterization of Hydride Ligands in Copper Complexes by Hard X‐ray Spectroscopy

L. Fritsch, P. Rehsies, W. Barakat, D.P. Estes, M. Bauer, Chemistry – A European Journal 30 (2024).

Iron(III)-Complexes with N-Phenylpyrazole-Based Ligands

T. Hirschhausen, L. Fritsch, F. Lux, J. Steube, R. Schoch, A. Neuba, H. Egold, M. Bauer, Inorganics 11 (2023).

Direct Synthesis of Acetone by Aerobic Propane Oxidation Promoted by Photoactive Iron(III) Chloride under Mild Conditions

A. Rogolino, J.B.G. Filho, L. Fritsch, J.D. Ardisson, M.A.R. da Silva, G.A. Atta Diab, I.F. Silva, C.A.F. Moraes, M.R. Forim, M. Bauer, T.D. Kühne, M. Antonietti, I.F. Teixeira, ACS Catalysis 13 (2023) 8662–8669.

Chemical and photophysical properties of amine functionalized bis‐NHC‐pyridine‐RuII complexes

L. Fritsch, Y. Vukadinovic, M. Lang, R. Naumann, M.-S. Bertrams, A. Kruse, R. Schoch, P. Müller, A. Neuba, P. Dierks, S. Lochbrunner, C. Kerzig, K. Heinze, M. Bauer, ChemPhotoChem (2023).

Planar Iron Hydride Nanoclusters: Combined Spectroscopic and Theoretical Insights into Structures and Building Principles

U. Chakraborty, P. Bügel, L. Fritsch, F. Weigend, M. Bauer, A. Jacobi von Wangelin, ChemistryOpen 10 (2021) 265–271.

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