Dr. Bennet Gebken

Member - Research Associate

Member - Research Associate
Member - Research Associate
Office Address:
Technologiepark 21
33100 Paderborn


Latest Publications

A note on the convergence of deterministic gradient sampling in nonsmooth optimization

B. Gebken, Computational Optimization and Applications (2024).

A Descent Method for Nonsmooth Multiobjective Optimization in Hilbert Spaces

K. Sonntag, B. Gebken, G. Müller, S. Peitz, S. Volkwein, ArXiv:2402.06376 (2024).

On the structure of regularization paths for piecewise differentiable regularization terms

B. Gebken, K. Bieker, S. Peitz, Journal of Global Optimization 85 (2023) 709–741.

Multiobjective Optimization of Non-Smooth PDE-Constrained Problems

M. Bernreuther, M. Dellnitz, B. Gebken, G. Müller, S. Peitz, K. Sonntag, S. Volkwein, ArXiv:2308.01113 (2023).

ROM-Based Multiobjective Optimization of Elliptic PDEs via Numerical Continuation

S. Banholzer, B. Gebken, M. Dellnitz, S. Peitz, S. Volkwein, in: H. Michael, H. Roland, K. Christian, U. Michael, U. Stefan (Eds.), Non-Smooth and Complementarity-Based Distributed Parameter Systems, Springer, Cham, 2022, pp. 43–76.

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