Dmitrij Dreiling, M.Sc.

Measurement Engineering

Research Associate

Identification of material parameters, inverse measurement methods

Office Address:
Pohlweg 47-49
33098 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Improved determination of viscoelastic material parameters using a pulse-echo measurement setup
D. Dreiling, D. Itner, T. Hetkämper, C. Birk, H. Gravenkamp, B. Henning, in: SMSI 2023 Conference, AMA Association For Sensors And Measurement, Nürnberg, 2023, pp. 394–395.
Differentiation of an SBFE model in the context of material parameter determination
D. Itner, H. Gravenkamp, D. Dreiling, C. Birk, B. Henning, Differentiation of an SBFE Model in the Context of Material Parameter Determination, International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM), WCCM, Yokohama, 2022.
On the forward simulation and cost functions for the ultrasonic material characterization of polymers
D. Itner, H. Gravenkamp, D. Dreiling, N. Feldmann, B. Henning, On the Forward Simulation and Cost Functions for the Ultrasonic Material Characterization of Polymers , GAMM Annual Meeting, Kassel, 2021.
Tomographie des Schallfelds von Ultraschallwandlern mittels Schlierentechnik
T. Hetkämper, D. Dreiling, L. Claes, B. Henning, in: Fortschritte der Akustik - DAGA 2021, 2021.
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