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Research Interests


May I introduce to you: Nigeria, the topic that superseded India just a couple of years ago in the qualification phase’s English as a foreign language (EFL) classroom. Within this topic, students as well as teachers face challenges but also various learning opportunities. Life in the diaspora, experienced by many people with Nigerian roots, is one of them. This research project aims for an examination of the implication of diaspora-literatures, more precisely short stories, first in a theoretical-analytical way, followed by practical implications in class. A case study should offer insights whether diaspora short stories are a suitable didactic impulse for the EFL classroom.


Current Courses

  • MAP Aufbaumodul Teaching English as a Foreign Language (M6 & M7)
  • Lesson planning and preparation for school internship semester(Gym/Ge)
  • English in Secondary Education: Intermediate (Teaching Literature and Culture) – “Do or do not. There is no try.” - Teaching Star Wars in Theory and Practice
  • English in Secondary Education: Intermediate (Teaching Literature and Culture) Opportunities and risks of globalization