Dr. Eduard Penner, M.Sc.

Engineering Mechanics



Latest Publications

Fuzzy and stochastic approach applied to rubber like materials

E. Penner, I. Caylak, R. Mahnken, A. Dridger, Safety and Reliability (2021) 1–19.

Mean-field and full-field homogenization with polymorphic uncertain geometry and material parameters

I. Caylak, E. Penner, R. Mahnken, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (2020).

A possibilistic finite element method for sparse data

A. Dridger, I. Caylak, R. Mahnken, E. Penner, Safety and Reliability (2019) 58–82.

Optimization with constraints considering polymorphic uncertainties

M. Mäck, I. Caylak, P. Edler, S. Freitag, M. Hanss, R. Mahnken, G. Meschke, E. Penner, GAMM-Mitteilungen (2019).

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