Dr.-Ing. Lena Risse

Angewandte Mechanik

Research Associate

Office Address:
Mersinweg 7
33100 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Stiffness optimization and reliable design of a hip implant by using the potential of additive manufacturing processes

L. Risse, S.C. Woodcock, J.-P. Brüggemann, G. Kullmer, H.A. Richard, BioMedical Engineering OnLine 21 (2022).

Mechanical characterization and numerical modeling of laser-sintered TPE lattice structures

C. Kummert, H.-J. Schmid, L. Risse, G. Kullmer, Journal of Materials Research (2021).

Application of engineering methods in the planning process of surgical treatments

L. Risse, G. Kullmer, Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine 5 (2021) 111–121.

Structural optimization of a wheel force transducer component for more realistic acquisition of vehicle load data and fracture mechanical evaluation

J.-P. Brüggemann, L. Risse, S.C. Woodcock, T.D. Joy, J. Neumann, J. Vidner, G. Kullmer, H.A. Richard, Applications in Engineering Science (2020).

Vorhersage der Rissinitiierung in 3D-Strukturen mit ADAPCRACK3D

T.D. Joy, G. Kullmer, L. Risse, in: 2020, pp. 207–216.

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