Prof. Dr. Jörg Lindner

Key research area Sustainable Materials, Processes and Products
Member - Professor
Section Owner - Professor
Committee - Professor
Member of Executive Committee
Office Address:
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Developing Quantitative Nondestructive Characterization of Nanomaterials: A Case Study on Sequential Infiltration Synthesis of Block Copolymers
E. Cara, P. Hönicke, Y. Kayser, J.K.N. Lindner, M. Castellino, I. Murataj, S. Porro, A. Angelini, N. De Leo, C.F. Pirri, B. Beckhoff, L. Boarino, F. Ferrarese Lupi, ACS Applied Polymer Materials 5 (2023) 2079–2087.
Selective Area Growth of Cubic Gallium Nitride in Nanoscopic Silicon Dioxide Masks
F. Meier, M. Littmann, J. Bürger, T. Riedl, D. Kool, J. Lindner, D. Reuter, D.J. As, Physica Status Solidi (b) (2022).
Selective area heteroepitaxy of InAs nanostructures on nanopillar-patterned GaAs(111)A
T. Riedl, V.S. Kunnathully, A.K. Verma, T. Langer, D. Reuter, B. Büker, A. Hütten, J. Lindner, Journal of Applied Physics 132 (2022).
Size‐Dependent Strain Relaxation in InAs Quantum Dots on Top of GaAs(111)A Nanopillars
T. Riedl, V. Kunnathully, A. Trapp, T. Langer, D. Reuter, J. Lindner, Advanced Materials Interfaces 9 (2022).
High‐Resolution Study of Changes in Morphology and Chemistry of Cylindrical PS‐ <i>b</i> ‐PMMA Block Copolymer Nanomasks during Mask Development
J. Bürger, H. Venugopal, D. Kool, M.T. de los Arcos de Pedro, A. Gonzalez Orive, G. Grundmeier, K. Brassat, J. Lindner, Advanced Materials Interfaces 9 (2022).
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