Dr. Jens Simon

Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC2)

Member - Research Associate

Head of HPC Operation

Office Address:
Mersinweg 5
33100 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Cost-aware and SLO Fulfilling Software as a Service
O. Niehörster, J. Simon, A. Brinkmann, A. Keller, J. Krüger, Journal of Grid Computing 10 (2012) 553–577.
Virtualized HPC: a contradiction in terms?
G. Birkenheuer, A. Brinkmann, J. Kaiser, A. Keller, M. Keller, C. Kleineweber, C. Konersmann, O. Niehörster, T. Schäfer, J. Simon, M. Wilhelm, Software: Practice and Experience (2011).
Autonomic Resource Management with Support Vector Machines
O. Niehörster, J. Simon, A. Brinkmann, A. Krieger, in: Proc. IEEE/ACM Int. Conf. on Grid Computing (GRID), IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, USA, 2011, pp. 157–164.
Enforcing SLAs in Scientific Clouds
O. Niehörster, A. Brinkmann, G. Fels, J. Krüger, J. Simon, in: Proc. Int. Conf. on Cluster Computing (CLUSTER), IEEE, 2010, pp. 178–187.
Virtual Supercomputer for HPC and HTC
G. Birkenheuer, A. Brinkmann, H. Dömer, S. Effert, C. Konersmann, O. Niehörster, J. Simon, in: Proc. Gemeinsamer Workshop Der GI/ITG Fachgruppen “Betriebssysteme” Und “KuVS”: Virtualized IT Infrastructures and Their Management, Leibniz-Rechenzentrum, München, 2008, pp. 37–49.
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