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The Black Humanist Tradition in Anti-Racist Literature: A Fragile Hope
A. Hartmann, The Black Humanist Tradition in Anti-Racist Literature: A Fragile Hope, Palgrave MacMillan, n.d.
'Women’s work is never easy, never clean': (Strong) Black Womanhood and the Carceral State in Tayari Jones’s An American Marriage
A. Hartmann, in: A. Böger, F. Sedlmeier (Eds.), U.S. American Culture as Popular Culture, Winter, 2022, pp. 245–263.
Nothing Ever Ends: Critical Race Theory, Schwarzer Humanismus und Watchmen
A. Hartmann, in: S. Dickel, R.R. Ramershoven (Eds.), Alle Uns: Differenz, Identität, Repräsentation, Edition Assemblage, 2022, pp. 117–135.
The Sounds of Hope: Black Humanism, Deep Democracy, and Black Lives Matter
A. Hartmann, in: C. Cameron, P.L. Sinitiere (Eds.), Race, Religion, and Black Lives Matter, Vanderbilt Unviersity Press, 2021, pp. 246–275.
The Black Counter-Gaze: Complicity and White Privilege in Claudia Rankine’s Citizen
A. Hartmann, in: C. Wächter, R. Wirth (Eds.), Complicity and the Politics of Representation, Rowman & Littlefield, 2019, pp. 177–193.
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