Prof. Dr. Donat Josef As

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Pohlweg 47-49
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Latest Publications

Overcoming the Miscibility Gap of GaN/InN in MBE Growth of Cubic In<sub><i>x</i></sub>Ga<sub>1–<i>x</i></sub>N
M.F. Zscherp, S.A. Jentsch, M.J. Müller, V. Lider, C. Becker, L. Chen, M. Littmann, F. Meier, A. Beyer, D.M. Hofmann, D.J. As, P.J. Klar, K. Volz, S. Chatterjee, J. Schörmann, ACS Applied Materials &amp; Interfaces 15 (2023) 39513–39522.
Time-resolved pump–probe spectroscopic ellipsometry of cubic GaN. I. Determination of the dielectric function
E. Baron, R. Goldhahn, S. Espinoza, M. Zahradník, M. Rebarz, J. Andreasson, M. Deppe, D.J. As, M. Feneberg, Journal of Applied Physics 134 (2023).
Selective Area Growth of Cubic Gallium Nitride in Nanoscopic Silicon Dioxide Masks
F. Meier, M. Littmann, J. Bürger, T. Riedl, D. Kool, J. Lindner, D. Reuter, D.J. As, Physica Status Solidi (b) (2022).
Optical evidence of many-body effects in the zincblende Al$_\mathrm{x}$Ga$_\mathrm{1-x}$N alloy system
E. Baron, M. Feneberg, R. Goldhahn, M. Deppe, F. Tacken, D.J. As, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2021).
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