Dr. Christian Weinberger

Inorganic Chemistry - Research Group Tiemann

Academic Councillor

Office Address:
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn


Latest Publications

Selective Discrimination between CO and H2 with Copper–Ceria-Resistive Gas Sensors
D. Baier, T. Priamushko, C. Weinberger, F. Kleitz, M. Tiemann, ACS Sensors 8 (2023) 1616–1623.
Hard carbon microspheres with bimodal size distribution and hierarchical porosity <i>via</i> hydrothermal carbonization of trehalose
M. Wortmann, W. Keil, E. Diestelhorst, M. Westphal, R. Haverkamp, B. Brockhagen, J. Biedinger, L. Bondzio, C. Weinberger, D. Baier, M. Tiemann, A. Hütten, T. Hellweg, G. Reiss, C. Schmidt, K. Sattler, N. Frese, RSC Advances 13 (2023) 14181–14189.
UV-enhanced environmental charge compensation in near ambient pressure XPS
H. Müller, C. Weinberger, G. Grundmeier, M.T. de los Arcos de Pedro, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 264 (2023).
Challenges in the interpretation of gas core levels for the determination of gas-solid interactions within dielectric porous films by ambient pressure XPS
T. de los Arcos, C. Weinberger, F. Zysk, V. Raj Damerla, S. Kollmann, P. Vieth, M. Tiemann, T. Kühne, G. Grundmeier, Applied Surface Science 604 (2022).
The Structure of Water in Silica Mesopores – Influence of the Pore Wall Polarity
C. Weinberger, F. Zysk, M. Hartmann, N. Kaliannan, W. Keil, T. Kühne, M. Tiemann, Advanced Materials Interfaces 9 (2022).
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Current Courses

  • Vertiefung Anorganische Chemie ::MA-GyGe/BK
  • Chemie der Elemente II
  • Anorganische Chemie 2 CIW