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Ceremony in the Gräflicher Park Bad Driburg on the occasion of the founding ideas for the Max Planck Society

The Max Planck Society is one of the most renowned research organisations in Germany. This year, it is celebrating its 75th anniversary - but it is already the 77th anniversary of the idea behind the invention: in September 1946, a new research society was founded in the then British zone with Max Planck's permission to name it after him. Planck sent his consent by telegraph to the founding meeting - which took place in Bad Driburg. The town of Bad Driburg and the Institute for Photonic Quantum Systems (PhoQS) at Paderborn University are jointly honouring the relevance of the founding idea and are inviting guests to a ceremony at the "Gräflicher Park" Health & Balance Resort in Bad Driburg on Wednesday, 8 November, from 6.30 pm. No previous knowledge of physics is necessary. Please register with Jennifer Krüger (

A public evening event entitled "Max Planck - Quantum - Technologies" will kick off a scientific symposium. Speakers include Prof Dr Gerd Leuchs, experimental physicist and Director at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light since 2009, and Leibniz Prize winner Prof Dr Christine Silberhorn from Paderborn University, spokesperson for PhoQS. Leuchs will use everyday examples to introduce the audience to the world of quanta. Bad Driburg's mayor Burkhard Deppe will give a welcome address, while Burkhard Nickel, who taught at St Kaspar's Grammar School until 2020, will provide a historical context. He will explain who Max Planck was, what the Max Planck Society is and what significance Bad Driburg has for its founding history.

Paderborn is a centre for top-level quantum research. PhoQS was founded in 2018 to further expand this research focus. Here, scientists from various disciplines pursue the common goal of bringing quantum technologies from basic research to application. In a short lecture, Silberhorn will provide insights into research at the institute.

Further information and the full programme can be found here.

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