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The Q building Show image information

The Q building


Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Department of English and American Studies, Department of Educational Science, Department of Protestant Theology, Department of German Studies and Comparative Literary Studies, History Department, Department of Social and Human Sciences, Department of Catholic Theology, Department of Art, Music, Textiles, Department of Media Studies, Department of Romance Languages

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
Department 1: Management, Department 2: Taxation, Accounting and Finance, Department 3: Business Information Systems, Department 4: Economics, Department 5: Business and Human Resource Education, Department 6: Law

Faculty of Science
Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, Department of Sports and Health

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Sixteen professors, four multidisciplinary and cross-faculty research institutions

Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics

The University for the Information Society