‘S­mart sus­tain­ab­il­ity’: Pader­born Uni­ver­sity presents pi­on­eer­ing con­cepts on Re­search Day

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Paderborn University offered inspiring insights into the world of research at its Research Day on 26 September. This year’s motto ‘Smart sustainability: Future-proof concepts’ focused on a topic that is increasingly shaping and changing our society. Over the course of a day, Paderborn’s researchers took an interdisciplinary look at current research projects that combine smart technologies, materials and processes with environmental, economic and social sustainability. Presentations, panel discussions, workshops and poster sessions showcased the wealth of research topics in this field at Paderborn University.

‘Sustainability is a topic that we should not be responding to, but rather shaping. Today, various researchers have illustrated how research and innovation form the foundations for a sustainable, smart future’, emphasised Professor Johannes Blömer, Vice-President for Research and Junior Academics.

Research to ensure a sustainable future

In her keynote speech ‘How to make tomorrow’s world sustainable’, Professor Susanne Boll of the University of Oldenburg and the OFFIS Institute for Information Technology tackled digital innovations for sustainable production, work and consumption. She covered topics such as how digitalisation could change care and trade professions, and how new concepts could enable more sustainable consumption in online shopping and supermarkets.

Professor Hans-Georg Steinrück, who won Paderborn University’s Research Award in 2021, explained what ‘Clean water – made by UPB’ might look like. He presented the results of his project researching desalination methods to combat global water shortages, for which he received the highest endowed prize that the university confers.

Sustainable concepts for mobility, social participation, product development and AI

Various workshops offered opportunities for discussion and networking. Researchers discussed the opportunities and limitations of digital solutions for increasing social participation, as well as the challenges and needs of sustainable, networked and automated mobility. They also tackled the question of what ‘life cycle assessment’ innovations in the product development process might look like, and what opportunities and challenges might arise from smart technical systems and artificial intelligence.

In addition, a poster session allowed researchers from various faculties to present their research for lively discussion.

About Research Day

The annual Research Day is designed to present the wide range of research being conducted at Paderborn University. It seeks to bring together researchers at all stages in their careers in order to encourage interdisciplinary discussion and provide impetus for collaboration and networking.

Photo (Padeborn University, Jennifer Bounoua): This year's motto of the Research Day was "Smart Sustainability: Future-proof Concepts".
Photo (Padeborn University, Jennifer Bounoua): (from left) Prof. Dr Johannes Blömer, Vice-President for Research and Junior Academics, Prof. Dr Susanne Boll from Oldenburg University and the OFFIS Institute for Information Technology and Prof. Dr Birgitt Riegraf, President of Paderborn University.
Photo (Padeborn University, Jennifer Bounoua): Prof. Dr Hans-Georg Steinrück presented the results of his project to research desalination methods in the fight against global water shortages.


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