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Advisory services and contact persons for Paderborn University employees

At Paderborn University, a multitude of units and facilities offer a wide range of advisory and information services. Please also see our overview of continuing education providers at Paderborn University.


Please note: Services and information for early-career researchers and junior academics are provided by the Jenny Aloni Center. The Welcome Services team provides information for international researchers.
International matters
Advice on stays abroad/ hostings of guests from abroad/ international (Devision 2.1/ International Office)
ERASMUS+ Staff Assignment and  Statt Training (STT) (Devision 2.1/ International Office)
Welcome Services: Contact point for international researchers
Language courses for employees, in particular English/Spanish (Centre for Language Studies in cooperation with Internal Continuing Education)
External services, programmes and opportunities: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) programme of continuing education courses and events for university staff
Information on research stays abroad on the information portal for early-career researchers and junior academics

The University for the Information Society