Hu­man re­source plan­ning, re­cruit­ment and se­lec­tion

Good employees are essential to the successful work of Paderborn University. This begins with attracting the right staff and is the reason why effective recruitment and selection processes are so important. The criteria for an effective appointment process are transparent, fair procedures based on clearly defined criteria and a realistic assessment of the candidates’ potential. The Human Resources Department provides relevant advice and support here for the appointment of academic and non-academic staff.


Human resource planning

On request, the Staff Development team in Division 4.5 can provide advice and support for forward-looking human resource planning, with the focus on staff qualifications and training. During the advisory process, the relevant division’s or department’s current and future activities are first identified, enabling determination of its future needs with regard to employees’ skills and expertise. Decisions can then be made about the kind of further training existing staff will need to complete and which qualifications new employees will need to have.

Division 4.4 is responsible for all issues relating to staffing plans and the maintenance of staff appointment records.


Recruitment, selection and appointment

On request, the Staff Development team can advise on the appointment of new staff. We offer assistance with the creation of requirements profiles and in designing selection processes appropriate for the position in question on the basis of these. If required, we can also provide assistance with interviews.

On the “Staff recruitment and selection” info sheet, we provide a clear overview of the main steps and formal requirements for the recruitment and selection of both academic and non-academic staff. We’re also in the process of producing a brochure, which will provide organisational and content recommendations for designing application processes. This brochure will focus on the formal requirements of application processes (committee participation, equal opportunities etc.) and provide recommendations for the elaboration of requirements profiles, job advertisements, structured interviews and the evaluation of interviews. A key focus will also be on equality and diversity, with the aim of raising awareness of these issues for the selection panel and to promote equal opportunities.

Divisions 4.2 and 4.3 provide administrative support for the appointment of staff. To assist with the appointment of academic staff and assistants, Division 4.2 provides job advertisement templates, information leaflets and guidelines on recruiting and hiring academic staff and assistants, as well as information on the appointment process. Division 4.2 can also provide information on legal and administrative matters pertaining to guest researchers. For non-academic staff and the employment of student assistants and research assistants with a Bachelor’s degree, Division 4.3 offers administrative support in preparing and conducting appointment processes.