Strategy and concepts

The aim of the Staff Development team is to help all Paderborn University employees optimally develop their skills and realise their full potential. To this end, we have produced a staff development concept for academic staff and a staff development concept for technical and administrative staff. On this page, you can read about our goals and how we intend to achieve them.



Mutual appreciation, transparency, personal responsibility and equal opportunities – these four principles form the underlying values of Paderborn University. They were defined in 2011 as part of the university-wide “Values and Culture” initiative and guide the way we work together at the university. They also form the basis of Paderborn University’s staff development strategy.

These values underpin the core objectives of the Staff Development team:

  • To provide comprehensive support and qualifications and training for all Paderborn University employees
  • To foster a culture of co-operative collaboration and value-centred human resource management
  • To promote employees’ health
  • To support and promote equal opportunities and a good work-life balance
  • To promote diversity and heterogeneity.

Tasks, responsibilities and measures

The aim of the Staff Development team is to provide a range of services, programmes and opportunities for staff members in all phases of employment:

Staff development begins even before an employee joins the university, with human resource planning and staff recruitment and selection. These services, programmes and opportunities are aimed at entities and superiors wishing to appoint staff. Once they have hired a candidate, the Staff Development team’s services, programmes and opportunities aim to help employees find their feet as they join Paderborn University. We want to make new staff members feel welcome and to assist them during their induction period.

For experienced Paderborn University employees, there are opportunities to further develop their skills. Employees also want services, programmes and opportunities that foster co-operative collaboration and mutual exchange. In conjunction with the “Healthy University” programme, these measures are also intended to help promote good health among Paderborn University employees. Our objective is to ensure that staff identify with Paderborn University and feel a strong sense of commitment to their employer.

Every employment relationship ends at the latest when the employee reaches retirement or pension age. To ensure that when long-term employees of Paderborn University leave, the university does not also lose vital expertise, we aim to support divisions and departments in managing important knowledge efficiently. For individual employees, we aim to provide services, programmes and opportunities to ease their transition into their new role outside Paderborn University.

The overarching themes in all that we offer and do are equality, diversity and internationalisation. We attach particular importance to promoting these three aspects in all the services, programmes and opportunities we offer. To ensure the quality of the services, programmes and opportunities we offer, we evaluate our measures on an on-going basis.