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Sunny start to the new semester (April 2023). Show image information

Sunny start to the new semester (April 2023).

Photo: Paderborn University, Besim Mazhiqi

Family-friendly university

On the family-friendly university pages, you will find information on establishing a good work-study-life balance at Paderborn University. This includes balancing your work and study commitments with your responsibilities as a parent and/or caregiver for relatives in need of care.

COVID-19 & Family

The ongoing pandemic confronts families in particular with enormous tasks and challenges. Family and care duties (childcare, homeschooling, nursing, etc.) have to be reconciled with work in a home office or with hybrid forms of work.

More information and helpful links for students and employees with family responsibilities can be found here. (German only)

Balancing parenthood with work/studies raises partly the same but also completely different issues for staff and students.


Balancing caregiving responsibilities and work/studies

Most people want to remain in their familiar surroundings when in need of care.

The Family Services Office is an advice and support centre for Paderborn University staff and students.


All childcare services at Paderborn University at a glance

The family-friendly infrastructure at Paderborn University is constantly being improved to ensure that parents at the university feel comfortable having their children on campus.

Here, you can find all the family-friendly university-related downloads.

Irmgard Pilgrim
Project Manager Family-friendly university audit, Central Equal Opportunities Officer

Barbara Pickhardt
Family Service Office

In 2005, Paderborn University became the first university in North Rhine-Westphalia to be awarded the basic certificate for the “Family-friendly university audit”, and since 2014, the university has been a member of the Best Practice club “Familie in der Hochschule” (Families at University - FidH).

The “Family-friendly Paderborn University” newsletter.

The University for the Information Society