Child­care Ser­vices at Pader­born Uni­ver­sity

Paderborn University offers a variety of childcare services. In addition, the Family Service Office arranges caregivers, such as childminders ("Tagesmütter") or babysitters.

Family Service Office

The Family Service Office is an advice and support centre for students and staff at Paderborn University, which aims to help you establish a good work-life balance, for which good, reliable childcare is crucial. For this reason, childcare services are the main focus of our work. The Family Service Office will, however, also be more than happy to assist you with other issues relating to a good work-life balance.


Short-Term Child­care PUKi

Sudden literature research, an urgent appointment at the chair or a seminar in the late afternoon? Where to take the children when the kindergarten/school is long closed or the childminder is no longer available? In the PUKi in building E, children aged 1-12 are looked after for up to three hours by qualified educators free of charge.

Sub­sti­tute Grand­par­ents

Many young parents who study or work at Paderborn University do not come from the region and often do not have a close-knit social network. Their children's grandparents are usually still working and live far away. On request, the Family Service Office can find so-called substitute grandparents for these parents.

The Kangaroo Pro­ject

A project of the ZONTA Club Paderborn and the UPB Family Service Office. It supports single, student parents in organising and financing childcare in special situations of need. The Family Service Office finds caregivers and reimburses the costs with funds from the ZONTA Club Paderborn.

Hol­i­day Camps for School­chil­dren of Uni­ver­sity Mem­bers

Holiday camps are offered every year for school children of UPB students and staff. They take place in the first and second week of the summer holidays. In the Easter and autumn holidays, the camps take place in the second week of the holiday. The children can choose from different fields.

Blossoming cherry trees in front of Paderborn University.

Fur­ther Hol­i­day Care Of­fers in Pader­born

In addition to the children's holiday camps at UPB, other organisations in Paderborn also offer holiday programmes. Parents who are still looking for further childcare options for the Easter, summer or autumn holidays can obtain information from the district or the city of Paderborn.

The Family Service Office also advises on solutions for childcare shortages.

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn.

Child­care at Events

The Family Service Office organises childcare during faculty celebrations, conferences, symposia, workshops and other events. Childcare is provided in child-friendly facilities at the conference venue or at the PUKi in building E and can be booked on a daily or hourly basis.

Contact: Noelle Maicher-Hoff.

Kinder­garten on Cam­pus

MS Kunigunde

The day care centre of the Paderborn Student Union, MS Kunigunde M(otor)S(chiff)-K(inder)uni(versität)gunde, offers day care for 96 children aged four months to six years. 50 places are reserved especially for the children of students, the other 40 places are available for the children of university staff and working parents from the surrounding area. Opening hours are Mondays to Thursdays from 7.30 a.m. to 4.45 p.m. and Fridays from 7.15 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

MS-Kunigunde day care centre
Registration procedure - children of UPB employees


Uni Zwerge

The day care centre of the Studierendenwerk Paderborn "Uni Zwerge" was opened on 01.02.2016. It offers space for 54 children of students and employees of Paderborn University as well as working parents from the surrounding area. The institution is open daily from 7.15 am to 5.15 pm.

Day care centre Uni Zwerge
Registration procedure - children of UPB employees

After registering in the Kita-Navigator, employee parents should also register at the Family Service Office. A waiting list is kept here for employee places. Only those who register there can be considered for the allocation of places.

Kinder­garten in Pader­born

The kindergarten year begins on 01.08. of each year. As a rule, the free places are allocated on this date. The only way to find a place in a day care centre in the city of Paderborn is via the Kita-Navigator. In the navigator, all day care centres in Paderborn are listed with the necessary information about the child care offer. Your child will be taken into account with your individual care needs when a place is allocated after you have made a reservation via the Kita-Navigator.

Please note the deadline for registering your child stated in the Kita-Navigator. In addition to registering in the Kita-Navigator, it is absolutely necessary to register in person at both institutions for the day care centres of the Studierendenwerk, as the Navigator does not record whether parents work or study at the university. When registering in person at the day care centres, it is also possible to visit the institution and have the childcare concept presented to you. At the other daycare centres in Paderborn, it is worth asking whether it is possible to register the child in person and have a look at the institution. Some daycare centres also offer an open day to get to know the facility.

"Kinder­t­agesp­flege": Day Care Givers

Many parents want educational childcare services in small groups with a steady caregiver and a family-like atmosphere in which their children feel secure. Daycare providers ("Kindertagespflegepersonen") offer childcare places in their own homes or in other child-friendly premises. The Family Service Office at Paderborn University and the Youth Welfare Office ("Jugendamt") of the City of Paderborn provide advice on the topic of day care (care by a childminder, "Tagesmutter") and arrange day care providers. The municipality contributes to the costs of day care. The amount of the contribution depends on the parents' income.

Further information on day care can be found in the brochure Child Day Care - A Care Offer for My Child? by the Youth Welfare Office of the City of Paderborn or on the website of the Youth Welfare Office.

In the Kindertagespflege Navigator you can find all child day care providers in Paderborn. The Child Day Care Navigator allows you to view profiles with information about the individual child day care providers. You can make a non-binding reservation for a child day care place with a child day care provider and contact them.