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Welcome to the Webpage of the Office for Equal Opportunities at Paderborn University!

On these pages, you can find information about the broad range of tasks and consultation expertise handled by the Equal Opportunities Office (EOO). Information is available about a multitude of topics relevant to equal opportunity, as well as initiatives, organizations, offerings, grants or additional support in regard to equal opportunity and non-discrimination. Furthermore, you can find information about equal opportunity measures and activities at Paderborn University.

Ensuring equal opportunity and a non-discriminatory working atmosphere for women and men is a central goal of Paderborn University. If at any point we feel this equality has not yet been achieved, it is also our goal to see its introduction, sustain and develop it.

Aside from extensive information regarding the overarching topic of equal opportunity, our website also offers details about the following topics:

In addition, you will find current information about work-life-balance and study-life-balance in regard to parenting or caregiver responsibilities and about related events, lectures and workshops concerning the broad field of equal opportunity and non-discrimination.
We also offer workshops targeted towards (junior) female researchers within the EOO’s own qualification series “Karriere als Wissenschaftlerin” (Women in Academic Careers).

Diversity Charter

Paderborn University signed the Diversity Charter in October 2011. Additional information can be found here.


Paderborn University has received the TOTAL E-QUALITY Award for their equality-oriented Human Resources policies.

audit family-friendly university

On 22 November 2005, Paderborn University was the first university in NRW to be awarded the designation of “family-friendly university”.

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