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Programs, opportunities and support for female junior academics

An important purpose of the equality policy at Paderborn University is the promotion of junior women academics, researchers and scientists. In order to ensure equal opportunity at the level of junior academics, researchers and scientists, Paderborn University is active in both the doctoral studies and postdoc phases. In line with this aim, targeted measures and support programs have been developed.

Follow the links below for an overview of qualification and training programs at Paderborn University:

Paderborn University’s training, continuing and further education program

Scholarships and funding

Doctoral scholarship

Every year, Paderborn University awards basic scholarships (for a two-year period) and degree completion scholarships (for a six-month period) to doctoral candidates from any faculty.

Further information on Paderborn University's doctoral scholarship

Gender Studies scholarship

Every year, Paderborn University awards Gender Studies scholarships. The aim of the programme is to specifically support and promote early-career researchers and junior academics in this field and to strengthen the profile of gender research.

Further information

Initial funding for PhD candidates

To provide initial funding for female graduates wishing to pursue a PhD, Paderborn University has set up a staff appropriations pool.

Detailed information

Postdoc scholarships

Every year, Paderborn University awards postdoc scholarships to support and promote female early-career researchers and junior academics.

Further information


Programs, opportunities and support

"Karriere als Wissenschaftlerin" (Women in Academic Careers)

The Karriere als Wissenschaftlerin (Women in Academic Careers) program comprises various talks and workshops specially aimed at female PhD students. 

Further information

Mentoring for Female Doctoral Students

Paderborn University launched its mentoring programme for female PhD students, aimed specifically at female early-career researchers and junior academics, in 2008.

Further information

Peer coaching for female postdoc academics and researchers

Peer coaching is offered at Paderborn University to assist female postdoc academics and researchers with their career development and networking activities.

Further information

Research project support

To support female junior professors and postdoc students at Paderborn University in their research project, a pool of 0.5 academic staff positions has been set up (Grant Line 2).

Further information

Balancing academic work, research and parenthood

How best to balance family and career, parenthood and academic work and research raises many questions, even as early as during pregnancy, with questions about maternity leave and benefits, parental leave and parental allowance. 

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audit family-friendly university

On 22 November 2005, Paderborn University was the first university in NRW to be awarded the designation of “family-friendly university”.


Paderborn University has received the TOTAL E-QUALITY Award for their equality-oriented Human Resources policies.

Diversity Charter

Paderborn University signed the Diversity Charter in October 2011. Additional information can be found here.

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