Overall concept

The Center for Vocational Education and Training (cevet) sees itself as an international centre of competence for the exploration of questions and for the professionalisation in dealing with challenges concerning Vocational Education. Central importance is given to the integration of stakeholders with different perspectives on a given problem. The target groups of Cevet are experts of Vocational Education and institutions that deal directly or indirectly with issues and challenges of Vocational Education.

Background to the justification of the concept

Nowadays, science and practice face forward-looking problems of which the answers and solution-orientated implementations are of utmost social significance. With the centre for vocational education and training (cevet), founded in 2007, an in Europe unique interdisciplinary union of researchers of vocational and business education, economics, business education and psychology has been established.

Cevet sees itself as a centre of competence for vocational education research. The research is based on a global orientated cooperation focusing scientific and social significant questions related to vocational education. Due to the shift to a knowledge society and due to the need of lifelong learning, questions of academic training are considered , even for highly skilled people.

Not only the researchers but especially the cooperation with different national and international based stakeholders are elementary for the research (for details: see network).

The cooperation mentioned-above is used in a variety of work contexts: research colloquia, conferences, guest lectures, workshops, certification agreements, joint publications and research projects of several years. Accordingly, Cevet leads not only to research but also to a discourse based on extensive expertise between the partners and an accompanying professionalisation of institutions and their acting persons.