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Paderborn University in February 2023 Show image information

Paderborn University in February 2023

Photo: Paderborn University, Hannah Brauckhoff

Bachelors programme

The faculty of economics at the University of Paderborn offers bachelor´s, master´s and doctoral degree programmes, which are partly in close cooperation with Cevet.

At the level of economic bachelor´s degree programmes the students should acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to act responsibly in an increasingly complex world. Students get a broad scientific study which affords different opportunities for an individualisation.

Cevet is visible at different points. For example, a theory-practice-transfer is aspired which is initiated and realised by Cevet. Here, business collaborations in terms of workshops, project works and much more within the framework of selected modules are to be mentioned. Also labour-market relevant certificates can be acquired integrative. There is a long-standing cooperation with the IHK East-Westphalia Bielefeld, which realises an AEVO-certification (instructor approval).

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