Sup­port meas­ures for mem­bers of the uni­ver­sity with chil­dren as res­ult of the Corona Pan­dem­ic

As a result of the corona pandemic, university members with children are exposed to particular time pressure due to the lack of childcare and the additional homeschooling, in addition to the switch to digital teaching. For the upcoming examination phase as well as for the preparation and implementation of teaching in the coming summer semester, the following support services are therefore provided:

The FamilienServiceBüro facilities/assists in collaboration with the staff of the PUKi babysitters, whose qualifications and availability were ascertained in advance. Hence, the needs of the parents can be addressed adequately. If you are looking for a babysitter, please contact FamilienServiceBüro via email (Barbara Pickhardt). Please indicate your time requirements and any special considerations to be taken into account when looking after your child/children.

If necessary, an appointment for consultation can also be arranged via email.

In the first three and in the last week of the summer holidays, holiday leisure activities are offered outside the university, e.g. in the Waldschule in Haxtergrund and the Nature Workshop in Schloss Neuhaus. These are half-day and full-day offers in the field of experiential pedagogy and art. Due to the high hygiene requirements, however, the number of places is limited.

Further Information

Registration can be done by email to Andrea Sabban

Students doing examinations can be reimbursed for private childcare costs to enable them to prepare adequately for the examination. A maximum of 5 days of care (up to 6 hours) will be reimbursed. Care costs will be reimbursed for children up to 12 years of age and for children with special needs until the end of compulsory schooling. The costs of babysitters, who are privately organised, as well as for babysitters/caregivers provided by the FamilienServiceBüro, can be reimbursed. A prerequisite for reimbursement of costs is the registration of the care person at the Mini-job Centre or the registration of self-employment.

Student parents who have an annual income of less than 25,000 euros and therefore do not pay Kindergarten-fees can be reimbursed for the registration costs incurred at the Mini-job Centre. The FamilienServiceBüro offers advice on matters regarding the registration of babysitters/caregivers at the Mini-job Centre.

Reimbursement of childcare costs can be applied for until 30.09.2021 (duration of the Corona-Epidemie-University regulations).

Further informationen and funding guidlines with regard to the measure

Form for reimursement of childcare costs

Application to the Central Equal Opportunities Officer Irmgard Pilgrim

Funding for student research assistants for the SS 2021

Scholars in the qualification phase (doctoral students, postdocs and junior professors) and LfbA's can apply for funding for a student assistant to assist in teaching during the summer semester 2021. Funding will be provided for a maximum of 9.5 hours per week for three months from March 2021 to June 2021.

Researchers and LfbA's with at least one child under the age of 12 or a child with special needs until the end of compulsory schooling are eligible to apply.

Further information and application procedures can be found here.

Application to the Equal Opportunity Officer: Irmgard Pilgrim, irmgard.pilgrim(at)upb(dot).de.