Fak­ultäten MB, EIM, NW & IT

Introduction to English Academic Writing for MINT Students (L.ZfS.04036)

This course aims at preparing students of any STEM/MINT discipline to write their papers or theses in English. The course provides efficient back-up in the most relevant basics of academic writing. Together, we will explore common features of writing English research papers, which will include, for example, the following topics:

  • paragraphing your paper
  • putting forth hypotheses
  • improving punctuation
  • writing abstracts, analyses and essays

A second core objective of the course is to enhance each student's style of writing. Therefore, grammatical accuracy as well as vocabulary expansion will also be addressed equally.

Instead of a final exam, students will hand in several written assignments. Topics will be provided throughout the semester.


English for Profession and Studies Abroad (L.ZfS.04039)

This course is especially designed for students of IT, Engineering, or Natural Sciences who would like to train both their English writing and oral skills for their future professional life or for a term abroad. One of the core objectives of this course is to enable students to take part in different communicative situations such as small talk, socialising or job interviews. Simultaneously, attendants will obtain the possibility to polish their individual writing styles. Together, we will explore the subsequent topics:

  • writing CVs and applications, including letters of motivation
  • presentation strategies for selling yourself well
  • studying and living abroad

The course allows for speaking and interaction, so please come alert and ready for conversation.

Instead of a final exam, students are to submit a written assignment and/or to give a short presentation in class.