Lan­guage Re­source Centre & SPEAK­ING room

In the Language Resource Centre (I3.401) and the SPEAKING room (I3.407; access via the Language Resource Centre) of the ZfS, students, staff and guest students can improve their language skills through self-study using print media, language learning programmes and various audio materials. Support is provided by the Language Learning CounsellingService (SLB).

Various textbooks, dictionaries, practice materials and language learning magazines are available in the media centre. You can find an overview here. Our language learning counselling service, the PANDA course "Learning languages in the Language Resource Centre" and our handout on autonomous learning in the media library provide support for self-study.

There are uncatalogued language learning magazines and textbooks for sale.
- Spotlight, Business Spotlight, Ecos, Écoute, Adesso (incl. CD and grammar booklet): €2.50 each (2021 edition) and €1 each (2020 and older)
- Engine, Capital, Hiragana Times: €1 each
- World and Press, Revista de la Prensa, Revue de la Presse, Presse und Sprache, 8Sidor: 50 cents each
- Textbooks: €1 each

In the SPEAKING room (I3.407; access via the Language Resource Centre), language learners have the opportunity to practise their pronunciation or free speech in the target language in a relaxed and undisturbed atmosphere. You can work alone or with a study/tandem partner at eight computer workstations and in a small seating area with three additional seats. Activities (such as workshops or language cafés) offer supervised discovery of different methods.

The Sanako software is installed on all PCs in the SPEAKING room, which you can use to record yourself speaking. The software allows you to repeat audio files and compare your own recording with the original: In this way, you can find out where you still have potential to improve your pronunciation.

(Language learning) games
In the SPEAKING room you will find over 20 different games in various languages that are ideal for practising free speech.


There are various games and other materials available in the Language Resource Centre and in the language room that are very useful for language learning - especially in tandem

Language learning games

  • Black Stories (German, French)
  • Das Dings: Continue learning German by playing
  • The dative is the death of the genitive
  • Once upon a time...
  • Sooner or later
  • Hedbanz
  • Crazy enough
  • Let's be honest
  • New Amici!
  • Pictograma
  • Rory's Story Cubes
  • Playhouse
  • Taboo (German, English, Spanish)
  • Teamwork
  • Tick...Tack...boom!
  • Typical Berlin
  • Typical Madrid
  • Please go to the cash desk!

Further materials

  • Information sheet on Paderborn in German, English, French, ...
  • Without-words book (Langenscheidt)

More games

  • Top 1000 (German/Polish)
  • Suomen mestarin (Finnish)
  • Astrid Lindgren's stora filmspelet (Swedish)
  • Djurens ABC Memo (Swedish)
  • Lotto (Swedish)
  • Mini mig (Swedish)
  • Packa Pappas Kappsäck (Swedish)
  • Rimmemo (Swedish)
  • Rim Memo (Swedish)
  • Sverige frågespel (Swedish)
  • Sverige Memo (Swedish)
  • Vi i femman (Swedish)
  • Haz la maleta (Spanish)


The games can be borrowed from the Language Resource Centre (I3.401) on presentation of your student ID.

Collection: within the opening hours of the Language Resource Centre (overnight lending is possible from 2 hours before the media library closes)
Return: the next morning by 11:00 a.m. at the latest

Bags, food and drinks (except water) are unfortunately not permitted in the Language Resource Centre and the SPRECH room. On presentation of your student ID, keys can be borrowed to lock bags, rucksacks, coats, jackets etc. in the lockers in front of the room.

Please note our user regulations.

The Lan­guage Re­source Centre team

Secretariat: Marion Quiel
Student assistants: Dean Bolinger, Moana Hundt, Sara Sayaka Schicht, Alina Stappert, Elizaveta Trushkina, Milena Wagner

We welcome any questions, suggestions or requests!

Con­tact and open­ing hours

Self-study area (Language Resource Centre)
Room: I3.401
Tel: +49.5251.60-5648


Opening hours Language Resource Centre:

Mon 09:30 - 16:00
Tue 09:00 - 18:00
Wed 09:00 - 15:30
Thu 09:00 - 15:30
Fri 11:00 - 16:00


Opening hours secretariat:

Mon 8:30-12:00
Tue 8.30-11:00 a.m.
Wed-Fri 8:30-12:00


Short-term changes (due to illness, etc.) can be found under News.