Year group for (junior) professors: Supervision, moderated peer exchange and peer counselling

The peer counselling group for professors gives you the opportunity to discuss any challenges you may be facing and questions or issues you may have in a friendly, interdisciplinary environment. You can ask specific questions and raise issues relating to your day-to-day work and work together to find constructive solutions. This gives you a fresh perspective on professional issues and helps you reflect on your (leadership) behaviour, thereby enabling you to expand your communication skills and repertoire of possible behaviours and actions and grow your network of colleagues. The supervisor’s “outsider’s” view facilitates independent solution finding in the group under methodical guidance. Topics range from leadership and positioning issues to forms of communication and conflict management to career planning, resource management and the effective handling of performance pressure and power in a university context.

The group is supported by Alexandra Busch as moderator and motivator. Alexandra Busch has been working freelance for universities for 25 years, specialising in “leadership and leadership communication in academia”. She is a systemic coach for university executive boards and professors and an expert in team and organisational development in universities.

All exchanges and work are subject to a confidentiality agreement.

Target group: (Junior) professors from all faculties

Participant limit: 7 -10 (junior) professors

Interested?: a new group is being planned. If you are interested, please contact the staff development department and we will inform you about further plans.