“Voice & Presence” coaching for Paderborn University professors: Leveraging voice and personal presence to reinforce professional excellence

What is the “Voice & Presence” coaching programme?

The “Voice & Presence” coaching programme is aimed at Paderborn University professors. As a professor, you are regularly the focus of attention in your various roles, whether at conferences, when teaching, on committees or in external contexts. This one-on-one coaching will help you to

  • Convincingly represent the interests of your field of work and achieve your objectives
  • Appear confident in everyday situations and when lecturing
  • Convey your enthusiasm for your topic
  • Capture attention and incite interest
  • Highlight your professional excellence by improving your personal presence

The coaching programme covers the following:

  • Analysis of the contexts in which the topic is relevant for the participant
  • Joint goal-setting
  • Tools and training sessions tailored to the respective participant
  • Training for specific situations
  • Practical exercises that help you put what you’ve learned into practice
  • Reflection 
  • Options open up; proactive communication planning becomes possible

How does the coaching programme work?

Professors interested in participating can contact the Staff Development team. After briefly clarifying the relevant objectives, the Staff Development team will put those interested in contact with our external co-operation partner Cornelia Fisch, who provides the coaching. After an initial session, to get to know each other, Paderborn University will cover the costs for a total of four hours of coaching, which you can arrange to do at a time convenient for you.

About the coach

Cornelia Fisch is a trained voice coach and an opera singer and works as a voice and personal presence coach. Her over 25 years of experience and wide and varied training enable her to find the right approach to voice and presence for each individual participant. Her aim is to unleash existing potential. She focuses on participants’ inner resources and tailors her work to the individual, with respect, courage and humour.