Knowledge management and transition management

Employees’ knowledge is the most important resource of any organisation and should be managed responsibly and effectively.

If a member of staff leaves at short notice, due to illness, for example, their expertise is suddenly no longer available from one day to the next. Good knowledge management with clear structures for document storage, well-documented processes and well-established substitution mechanisms can help superiors and their teams pick up the tasks of the person who has left.

But even when a staff member gives medium or long-term notice – even for a temporary absence – due to retirement, parental leave, end of contract or resignation, it is essential that the appropriate plans are put in place to prepare for this as well as possible. Here, too, clear structures, well-designed process handbooks and forward planning with regard to the training of successors can facilitate future work.

Employees who are due to leave should be supported in passing on their expertise to others and preparing to move onto the next stage in their lives, outside of Paderborn University.

The Staff Development team is planning to set up an advisory service to support you in designing your knowledge and transition management processes. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us in our pilot phase!

Possible topics may include:

Knowledge management Advice on setting up effective knowledge management, in terms of necessary structures and processes
Forward planning, in terms of staff and successors Advice on preparing for the departure of employees and on planning for the early transfer of knowledge to successors
Further training of employees Advice on issues relating to training the team, to ensure that the tasks of employees leaving can continue to be successfully carried out
Staff replacements In the same way as for all new appointments, we can, on request, provide divisions and departments with support and advice with regard to the creation of requirements profiles and designing selection processes appropriate for the position in question based on these
Transition management Advice on the transition to retirement and support in preparing for the next chapter