Team development workshop


Team development for teams and working groups

Target groups

Teams and working groups from all Paderborn University divisions and departments

Course objectives

The Staff Development team supports team development processes through team workshops with external moderators. The objective of a team development workshop is to improve co-operation within the team. For new teams, the focus can be on team building and getting to know each other. Each workshop is designed based on the respective team’s basic situation and goals and tailored specifically to that team.

Possible objectives in detail:

  • To improve the flow of information and communication
  • To strengthen the sense of team spirit and camaraderie
  • To optimise work processes within the team


Possible topics (focus following consultation):

  • Getting to know your team mates
  • Setting goals and clarifying mutual expectations
  • Clarifying roles, tasks and responsibilities
  • Reflecting on how the team co-operates and communicates
  • Analysing and optimising work processes within the team
  • Identifying problems or conflicts and developing possible solutions


Various approaches are possible: Sharing and reflection within the team (on request, workshop units with or without a manager), simulations and practical exercises, joint team activities, trainer input

Participant limit

Usually max. 12 people; larger groups by arrangement


The Staff Development team will arrange an external trainer for you in line with your specific objective(s).


Usually 1-2 days; dates by arrangement


This workshop is permanently available. If you are interested, please contact the Staff Development team.