Teaching Analysis Poll - qualitative interim evaluation

Do you want to know what makes your students learn the subject content well in your course? Do you want to know what makes it difficult for your students to learn in your course? Do you implement your students' ideas and suggestions for changing the course?

In these cases, the "Teaching Analysis Poll" (TAP) is the right tool for you!

The evaluation, which takes 30 minutes of the course, gives you an insight into the students' view of their learning in your course.

With the TAP procedure, we offer you - in addition to the usual course critique at the end of the semester - the opportunity for an interim evaluation of your course by the students.

In a simple and effective way, you can record how students perceive their own learning process in relation to your course and what changes could promote learning from the students' point of view. As has been shown at other universities, this form of evaluation contributes to a co-operative teaching and learning culture. It encourages dialogue between lecturers and students as well as between students on the design of the course. As a result, students take a closer look at their own learning processes.

You can also find all the important information on our flyer.

In the summer semester 2024, you can choose from three TAP options . The TAP weeks are from 13.05. - 17.05.2024

Synchronous online TAP (S-O-TAP)

  • for smaller, synchronous courses.
  • A member of the university didactics team will visit your web conference by appointment and explain the synchronous online TAP (S-O-TAP) process and present the three or four questions for evaluation.
  • Students will then receive the link to a survey via an ARS, which is completed directly in the course. Participation is voluntary for all students. Students are given 10-15 minutes to answer the questions. This is followed by a plenary discussion of the answers (-15 minutes). The teacher leaves the conference for this time. For each answer and conference tool, the students' agreement is recorded by a show of hands/chat so that the majority opinion can be documented. At the end of the evaluation, we say goodbye to the event and hand the floor back to the teacher.
  • We then evaluate and categorise the results and prepare them for the teacher.


Asynchronous online TAP (A-SO-TAP)

  • for larger or asynchronous courses.
  • Teachers receive a short handout for students explaining the procedure for the asynchronous online TAP (A-SO-TAP). These are made available to the students (via PANDA, PAUL, by e-mail, etc.).
  • At an agreed time, students will receive a link to an anonymous online evaluation (Lime Survey). Participation is voluntary for all students. In the following week, students will have the opportunity to take part in the survey. We will be happy to answer any questions students may have during this time. After one week, the evaluation is closed and the results are analysed, categorised and prepared for the teacher.


In the course

  • You end your course 30 minutes early and briefly introduce our trained moderators; you then leave the room
  • The moderators introduce themselves and the method to the students.
    • What supports your learning in this course?
    • What hinders your learning in this course?
    • What can help to improve your learning in this course?
    • New! Do you have another question? Then please let us know and we will discuss it with the students!
  • The moderators then ask the students to discuss the following questions in small groups and note the results in the e-learning tool "Flinga":
  • The results are then collected in plenary. The moderators focus primarily on the most frequently mentioned statements for each question, so that at the end, statements with majority support are identified for each question.

Follow-up (valid for all variants)

  • The results are prepared in writing by the moderators and reported back to you as soon as possible after the event.
  • You are then asked to discuss the results with your students at the next course date and to consider together with the students how you can deal with the results.
  • Teachers receive targeted feedback from their students by recording majority opinions
  • Students are focussed on as learners and are encouraged to reflect on their own learning
  • It signals to students that their lecturer is interested in their perception of the course, its quality and the learning conditions, which in turn has a positive effect on student behaviour in the course

Registration for the TAP is possible until 03 May 2024.

Please register HERE.

Are you sitting in a course and would like to give the lecturer some low-threshold feedback?

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