The NRW Certificate

Paderborn University - along with 16 other partner universities - is a member of the network Hochschuldidaktik NRW. This association of centres and offices for academic teaching at North Rhine-Westphalian universities, administrative colleges and a few colleges of art and music offers lecturers and interested young academics the opportunity to participate in the qualification programme "Professional Competence for Academic Teaching".

The aim of the programme is to provide competence-oriented education for teachers at universities while offering further training on all their core tasks in the area of teaching. Thus, among other things, teachers are supported when designing their classes in compliance with learning outcomes or implementing exams that are transparent and fair. Other competencies that teachers need in higher education include student guidance, design of course and programme evaluations, and subject-related or interdisciplinary innovative developments in teaching and learning. The qualification programme promotes these competencies and expands them individually. In addition, it improves professional career opportunities through this well-founded basic qualification and the receipt of a nationally recognised certificate as proof of pedagogical aptitude (cf. Higher Education Act NRW§36 Para. 1).

The NRW certificate comprises 200-230 work units (AE) distributed over three modules: Basic module, extension module and Advanced Module and thus meets national and international standards. The AE are acquired through workshops, peer observation, peer counselling and within the framework of an innovative teaching and research project. The program starts at the beginning of each semester and requires a non-binding initial interview. You will find all the information about the programme on the following pages.

Three Mod­ules

The qualification programme offers flexible continuing education opportunities through modularised courses. Here you will find further information on the structural design of the programme.

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Five Sub­ject Areas

The three modules of the programme focus on a total of five topics. Their goal is to promote specific competencies required for academic teaching and to accompany teachers in the professional design of their respective areas of responsibility in teaching.

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Three Cross-Sec­tion­al Top­ics

What are your different roles as a teacher and how do you adapt to the different expectations? How can digital media be used in academic teaching? How do you as a teacher do justice to the diversity of people, processes and tasks at modern universities?

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Ready to take your teaching to the next level? Join our qualification programme Professional Competence for Academic Teaching today and become a more effective, confident, and impactful educator.

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You can find the current range of workshops offered by HSD Paderborn among our events.


Hoch­schul­didak­tik NRW

Hochschuldidaktik NRW, a network of 17 universities in NRW, offers (advanced) training in higher education didactics. For further information on Hochschuldidaktik NRW, visit its website.

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