Events and Workshops

In this section you can find all workshops offered in English. Switching the webpage to German will also show the workshops in German language. The introductory workshop "Design for How People Learn: Academic Teaching in Higher Education" is organised by Hedo staff based on Paderborn's needs. We also cooperate with various institutions at the university.

In order to be able to offer you a broad and consistently high-quality range of events, we also work together with experienced professionals for academic teaching as well as our partner locations from the network.

Please register by email using the registration form. To complete the PDF, you will need to download it to your computer.

Please note the information on the recognition of credits before registering.

Up­com­ing Events and Work­shops




every Thursday during the lecture period

9:00 to 9:30


Open OER meeting via Zoom:
Meeting-ID: 997 8028 1346 Identcode: 208634
every Thursday during lecture time!

just log in spontaneously

every Monday

09:00 to 10:00

Open e-learning consultation hour (PANDA, e-exams, TaskCards, ...) via BBB:

just log in spontaneously

1x monthly on changing dates from 2:30 pm onwards

DidakTischer Kaffeeklatsch
informal exchange among colleagues (in E5.323)
Tue. 24 October
Wed. 29 November
Tue. 19. December
Wed. 24 January

just drop in spontaneously







11.03.2024 online: Intercultural Competence for University Lectures 12 I, II, III; 4 eng 3 or less open spots
12.03.2024 online: Structuring Effective Meetings 8 II, III eng registration open
17.04.2024 online: Teaching to the Test?: Competence-Oriented Examinations 8 I, II, III; 2 eng registration open
18.04.2024 Giving Effective Exercises in STEM - Between Experience and expectations 8 I, II, III; 1, 3 eng registration open
Design for How People Learn: Academic Teaching in Higher Education 50 I; 1 eng registration open
25.10.2024 online: Beyond Mere Breakout Sessions: Ensuring Productive Cooperation in Online Learning 6 I, II, III; 3 eng registration open
online: Guiding Students and Efficiently Organising Office Hours 8 I, II, III; 3 eng registration open

Workshop programme of the network Hochschuldidaktik NRW

As a participant in the qualification programme, you can attend the workshops offered here in Paderborn as well as the workshops at our network locations. An overview of the entire NRW Certificate programme can be found directly on the pages of the network Hochschuldidaktik NRW.

Free Spots in Work­shops

Would you like to be informed about free spots in our workshops? This newsletter is just right for you! We only send out workshop information from the NRW network, e.g. if spontaneously remaining places are available.

* The subject areas indicated are those of the certificate programme that require a minimum amount of work units for successful completion of the qualification programme.

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Examination and Assessing
  3. Guiding Students
  4. Evaluation and Feedback
  5. Innovations in Teaching and Learning