Our Work Ethics

The HEDO is firmly committed to a positive approach to diversity. We assume that all teaching staff come to us with their own previous experience and perspectives, and we see this as an enrichment of our daily work. For us, diversity is the norm.

Our basic attitude and goals:

Both students and teaching staff bring different (subject area) competences, needs/requirements and teaching and learning strategies to the table. There are no one-size-fits-all recipes for teaching; instead, we create open programmes. We recognise these different needs and expertise and incorporate them into our work in an appreciative manner.

With this in mind, we encourage the adoption of unusual perspectives and facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue. Breaking down familiar perspectives creates a framework that allows us to critically reflect on our own disciplinary culture, prejudices and assumptions. With our programmes and our way of working, we promote collegial and diversity-conscious cooperation.

We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and clearly speak out against relativising or denying experiences of discrimination. We do not accept the reproduction of stereotypes or (everyday) racism. Instead, we promote and demand the recognition of different experiences of discrimination, the reflection of one's own privileges and the reflection of one's own (teaching) communication.

We promote a constructive culture of debate, but we take a clear stance against discourses that reject diversity and question or undermine the freedom of science and opinion, human dignity and the equal value of people from different backgrounds. Unconstitutional and misanthropic positions are not tolerated. We stand behind the liberal democratic basic order (Freiheitliche demokratische Grundordnung).

Nobody is infallible. We support a positive culture of error that does not focus on negative outcomes, but instead enables development and learning opportunities for everyone involved. We respect and protect everyone's individual boundaries.