Three modules

The qualification programme, which comprises 200 to 240 work units (1 unit corresponds to 45 minutes), is divided into three modules, each of which concludes with a partial certificate: the basic module, the extension module and the advanced module.

The basic module offers the opportunity to work on the basic questions of teaching and learning. In addition to the organisation of teaching/learning processes, the focus is on the (self-)reflective examination of your role as a teacher and your own teaching/learning cultures as well as those of other subjects. Methods of activating and motivating students play just as central a role as the question of what constitutes good teaching in general.

In the extension module, you can work on special (sometimes subject-specific) content of higher education teaching/learning processes according to your individual further education goals and wishes. The topics covered in the basic module can be explored in greater depth. We recommend a more intensive examination of the subject areas "Examination and Assessment", "Student Counselling" and "Evaluation".

In the advanced module, you have the opportunity to dedicate yourself to researching the design of your own teaching.

In line with the idea of the "Scholarship of Teaching and Learning", you will research your own teaching within your own subject context using research methods that are common to you. Completion of the module - and thus the entire certificate - is marked by a publication of your results in the reviewed online journal "die hochschullehre" . Archive until 2020 "die hochschullehre"