Job shadowing support from the Staff Development team

It is in particular when interacting with other divisions and departments that communication issues, misunderstandings and conflicts can often occur. This may be down to not only different ways of working, but also a clash of priorities.

One way to promote understanding across divisions and departments is through job shadowing. This allows colleagues to “look over each other’s shoulders” at work for a set period of time. Job shadowing offers an insight into the work of others, and can thereby help you better understand the way others work, in particular at points of contact. It also offers a chance for both parties to review processes at these points of contact together, and to optimise them.

The Staff Development team is planning to set up an advisory service to support you in implementing job shadowing by providing advice and pertinent materials. If job shadowing is to involve entire teams, we will, on request, help them organise and co-ordinate the relevant processes. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us in our pilot phase!