Course de­scrip­tion

No. 915.01

English Conversation Meetups (B2+)


Thursdays, 9:30–10:15 AM (from 18.04.2024 to 18.07.2024)    


Hybrid (in-person and online)

Target group

All employees who already have at least a B2 level of English and would like to gain more confidence in communicating in English.

Course content

Join our English Conversation Meetups to enhance your speaking skills through meaningful conversations with fellow employees. The meetups offer a relaxed and supportive environment where you can engage in conversations on various topics and receive constructive feedback from the meetup coordinator. Whether you are looking to enhance your fluency, accuracy, or confidence in speaking English, the weekly meetups will equip you with targeted feedback to help you achieve your goals.

Number of participants

max. 12 people


Dr. Pamela Heidi Douglas

Trainer´s background

Pamela Heidi Douglas works as a lecturer at Paderborn University and is a native English speaker. She comes from Canada and has studied and taught English in various countries in Europe, North America and Africa. After completing her doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Heidi has been teaching English at Paderborn University since 2018. She has also worked as an editor and proofreader of scientific manuscripts and texts for more than ten years.

Registration deadline


On the registration deadline, we decide on the basis of the registrations whether an event can take place or not. Therefore, please register as soon as possible if you are interested! The more registrations we receive, the more securely we can organise the event. Of course, you can still register after the registration deadline if there are still places available.


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