English Oral Skills for IT Students (L.ZfS.04051)

This course has been created to foster oral skills of students of IT-related disciplines. In the sector of information technology and computer science, English has emerged to be the lingua franca, the language of communication. Most companies work in an international environment and the offered course will, therefore, cover the most relevant topics for IT students to be well prepared for their future lives as professionals, but it will also be useful for studying (abroad). Among others, the course will focus on the following aspects:

  • presentation strategies
  • launching ideas and projects
  • talking about recent developments
  • explaining technical connections and correlations

The course allows for communication and interaction, so please come alert and ready for conversation. Students need to hand in several assignments/ presentations in order to pass the course.


English for IT Students (L.ZfS.04050)

This course focuses on students of Information Technology or IT-related studies. The objective is to provide participants with sufficient oral and writing skills in order to be prepared for their future life as professionals. Students will be encouraged to apply their acquired vocabulary in class and to polish their style of writing. To do so, a great variety of current topics serve as a basis for discussion and analysis. Primarily, we will elaborate on the following topics:

  • recent developments in IT
  • human-computer-interaction
  • the future of IT

The course finishes off with a final exam.


English Writing Skills for IT Students (L.ZfS. 04052)

The course is designed for students of Information Technology or IT-related studies who want to write term papers or theses in English or improve their English writing skills in general. The main objective of this course is to acquire a coherent and well-structured style of writing. Grammatical accuracy and vocabulary expansion will be addressed. We will explore the following points together:

  • style and register
  • writing summaries and abstracts
  • putting forth hypotheses
  • plotting and evaluating results

Instead of a final exam, students will hand in several written assignments. Topics will be provided throughout the semester.